Supporting childbearing women and people experiencing disadvantage 

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Doulas Without Borders is a UK wide network of volunteers offering accessible, grassroots services to women and childbearing people experiencing multiple disadvantage and financial hardship during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.


Our focus is on providing the emotional, physical and informational support which is crucial during pregnancy, birth and early mother/parenthood.

A calm, supported mother or parent who is able to bond with their baby moves society one step closer to a resilient, connected and well-adapted next generation.

We provide accessible pregnancy, birth and postnatal support for those in financial hardship who are, for example:

  • Survivors and victims of domestic/sexual violence

  • Experiencing displacement and seeking refuge/asylum

  • Experiencing homelessness

  • Experiencing/expecting to experience pregnancy or infant loss 

  • Aged under 20, without adequate support

  • Survivors and victims of trafficking and modern-day slavery


We accept referrals on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us if you think someone needs support but doesn't meet any of the above criteria.​

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our mission

To provide support, education and advocacy for pregnant, birthing and newly mothering women in disadvantage, as a means to foster and facilitate more positive birth experiences, encourage robust attachment and build positive change for future generations. 

what we believe

Women and birthing people who have experienced trauma and disadvantage deserve extra support and advocacy in the childbearing year.

 Pregnant people who have been through abuse, trauma and multiple disadvantage are being further traumatised in childbirth.

By supporting those in disadvantage during this key time we can help break cycles of trauma into the next generation.

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We aim to

our approach

We are working towards the improvement of outcomes in the childbearing year for those who have experienced trauma and disadvantage, as a means to contribute towards positive change in society, for both current and future generations. 

We aim to

Foster engagement for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal experience.


Support and advocate towards a more informed, dignified and engaged pregnancy, birth and postnatal time

Encourage confidence and attachment in early mothering and parenting 

Contribute towards the improvement of quality of life and resilience for future generations who are born into disadvantaged circumstances

Provide safety through continuous, culturally appropriate, language-inclusive presence.

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“I had no one here, all my sisters and mother are still in Syria. I had never been to hospital for birth and I was very scared. I did not know what I was being asked. When the Doula’s came, they were like angels, they explained to me, they listened to me, they always made me feel safe. Every day I thank God for them. I could go to have my baby and not worry about my children or my husband.”

— Syrian woman, mother of 4